Crest of Fallen Stars

The Adventure Begins

Session 1

The party was contracted to guard a merchant ship under Cpt. Martyn Myrrin carrying goods from Cormyr to Aglarond during the dangerous post-storm trading rush, which is typically heavily raided by pirates. The ship’s navigator turned out to be a pirate illusionist that misled the ship and took them right into a dangerous shoal in the pirate isles.

The ship struck the shoal and begin the sink. At the same time, pirates on a skiff boarded the sinking vessel to loot what they could and take slaves. The party was able to fight off the pirates, and escape with the crew using the pirates skiff.

Unable to sail the seas on the skiff, the party had no choice but to row to the nearest island, not knowing what awaited them there.

Once on the island, the party took stock of their situation, with Bob (Master of Puppets) ensuring that their base of operations was well camouflaged, and then the rest of them questioning one of the pirates they captured. They learned that the island they were on was controlled by the lord of the pirates that attacked them, a Hobgoblin named Irkang One-Eye, and they “extracted” enough information from the pirate to draw a crude map of the island.

Irkang had a ship in his fort, but there were far too many pirates there for the party to survive a straightforward assault. As such, the party began to explore island in hopes of finding a solution.

The party first came across a group of strange crustacean creatures known as Chuuls guarding a chest in some old ruins. After making short work of these Chuuls (and Ser Paulo Dan composing a ballad to commemorate their buttery goodness), the party opened to chest to find no small amount of gold, as well as a mysterious gem that Zylfaelor recognized as having great value to Efreeti.

Next, the party decided to explore a volcano that was present on the island. But before they could reach it, they were ambushed by a group of patrolling pirates…


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