Crest of Fallen Stars

The Maiden Voyage
Session 4

After Irkang’s defeat, Bob (Master of Puppets) went off to retrieve Captain Martyn Myrrin and the rest of the ill-fated ship’s crew, while the rest of the party search Irkang’s base, finding a very large amount of gold and even some magical items. After that they took a long rest and waited for Bob (Master of Puppets) with the crew.

Upon Bob (Master of Puppets)‘s return, the party investigated the ship that was docked at Irkang’s base. The ship appeared similar to a Caravel, but the style of it was different than anything the party had seen before. It also appeared to have several modifications from the pirates to make it seaworthy. It was also painted pure black and had black sails, clearly marking it as a pirate vessel.

Inside of the ship, the party found some strange writing in the ship’s hold. It was in the Draconic script, but it was not Draconic in language, and no one in the party could read it. Christening the ship The Kestrel and dismissing this mystery for another time, the party set off on The Kestrel’s maiden voyage.

Once they were on the water, some of the sailors from the original sunken trade ship expressed that they were not cut out for life in the pirate isles, and asked if the party could take them to Aglarond as originally planned. While Captain Martyn Myrrin told the party he was willing to serve as the ship’s Captain so long as he could remain in the sea that he loves.

Knowing that their ship would be attacked on sight by any respectable Navy due to its obvious pirate colors. The party set off for Alphar Island, an island known to Bob (Master of Puppets) as the base of Azla, one of the more noble pirate lords in the Pirate Isles. The party hoped to have their ship refinished and obtain white sails.

On their way to Alphar island however, the party noticed another ship tailing them in the night. A few moments after that, a flaming skull floated to The Kestrel and informed the party that they were now all property of Thay, and they must surrender or die. The party of course did not choose to surrender, and upon expressing their defiance, several Tentacled ghoul-like (Tentaghouls) undead climbed their way onto the ship.

Unphased, the party drew their weapons and assaulted the undead. As the undead advanced, Illamin raised his symbol and holy light burst forth from his form, terrifying the flame skull and some of the other tentaghouls who fled into the sea. The rest of the undead were easily dispatched by the rest of the party.

After defeating the undead, the party decided to pursue to vessel which was tailing them. And while the mysterious vessel tried to flee, it was no match for The Kestrel which sailed close enough to it for the party to shoot the enemy vessel with the Kestrel’s harpoon.

Manning the harpoon gun, and assisted by Zylfaelor, Bob (Master of Puppets) shot a harpoon so true that the party could swear they heard a sickening thunk has it hit home. Harpooned as it was, the enemy vessel could no longer escape and The Kestrel closed to boarding distance.

As the party approached though, they noticed a figure of a man, who appeared to be some kind of mage, impaled by the harpoon onto the ship’s main mast! They also noticed a hostile water elemental on the ship. Without the help of the mage though, the water elemental stood little chance against the party and was quickly slain.

Searching the ship, the party found several slaves manacled in the lower decks. The ship appeared to be a Thayan slaver ship, manned just by a single mage, undead, and summoned creatures. The party decided to take the ship and the slaves to Alphar island with them. Offering the slaves freedom if they wished it, or the opportunity to join the crew of The Kestrel.

Finally, the party’s two ships arrived at Alphar Island. Their ship was soon spotted by one of the dock hands who recognized it as Irkang’s old ship. He told the party that Azla would be interested in seeing them if they did indeed defeat Irkang. The party decided to follow the dock hand and see what Azla had the say.

The party was led to the largest house in the small pirate settlement of Alphar Town, and shown to Azla’s quarters. Azla seemed impressed that the party had defeated Irkang, and asked if they would be willing to help her with a problem. She told them that if they helped her, she would give them access to the only shipwrights on the island, whom she kept under tight control.

The party agreed to hear Azla out. Azla explained to the party that piracy was, first and foremost, a business. And as a business woman, she takes care to ensure that she doesn’t antagonize the navies of the countries surrounding the pirate isles to bring their wrath down upon them.

However, a certain other pirate lord has been committing several atrocities, murdering entire crews, sending the heads of merchants back to their home cities, etc. This pirate lord, Wendall the Pitiless is beginning to bring the attention of the navy of Aglarond down upon the pirate isles.

She asks the party to stop him, using any method they choose. Accepting this task, the party asked Azla where they could learn of Wendall’s whereabouts as well as any other useful information. She winced as she told them of a certain gnome in Alphar Town who knows just about everything there is about the Pirate Isles, she said his name is Flapjaw, he frequents the tavern, and they would know him when they see him.

Arriving at the tavern, the party noticed that there was one table that was completely empty except for one gnome who, despite the fact that he was alone, was steadily talking, telling a myriad of tales to his ale. Approaching the gnome, he looked up at the party and boisterously welcomed them, still talking nonstop, he told the party of many of his great stories, such as when he was dicing and rolled TWO SIXES!!

The party surmised this must be Flapjaw, and after tolerating at least two hours of his stories, they were able to extract some information from him about Wendall. Specifically, that Wendall’s base was on the nearby Bricin Island, and that Flapjaw knew of a hidden sea cave on the island which he believes would ultimately lead right into a well inside of the ruins Wendall was holed up in.

Finally free of Flapjaw, the party went to leave the tavern, but noticed that three shadowy figures had been watching them, and disappeared into the night once they were noticed. Using his excellent tracking skills Bob (Master of Puppets) was able to track down shadowy figures to a campsite in the forest, the figures spotted the party, and immediately attacked.

The battle proved difficult as whoever these men were, they were skilled assassins and one of them was an archer that could lay down volleys of arrows in a split second. Some of the party fell unconscious, but thanks to Doren launching into a surge of action and downing some of the assassins with a flurry of sword strikes, the party prevailed. Slaying two of the assassins, and capturing the archer.

Questioning the archer, he revealed that he was a mercenary in the service of Pitiless Wendall, and he seemed to not have much loyalty to Wendall. The party decided to take him as a captive as they headed for their ship and then to Bricin Island….

The Pact of Fire
Session 2/3

As we last left off, the party has been ambushed by a group of patrolling pirates. But with a series of devastating Eldritch Blasts from Zylfaelor and divine smites from Ser Paulo Dan, the party emerged victorious and continued on their way to the volcano.

Once at the volcano, the party quickly found an odd ornate door on a ledge leading to a chamber inside of the volcano itself. Disarming the trap on the door, the party made their way into the volcano, to find a bevy of deadly and very hostile fire creatures. Including a fire elemental, a salamander and a fire snake.

A deadly battle then ensued with Ser Paulo Dan being knocked unconscious, and the seemingly modest fire snake giving the party far more trouble than it seemed to be worth. Yet, the party was able to emerge victorious, and the Ballad of the Fire Snake was written.

Before the party even had a chance to catch their breath after the battle, a female Efreeti appeared out of the lava of the caldera. She introduced herself as Shahara – The Efreeti and seemed amused that the party had stumbled into her “summer home” on the island.

She asked the party if they needed her assistance with anything and, with a sinister smile, said she was always happy to make a deal. The party told her of their need to combat Irkang’s pirates and Shahara – The Efreeti told them that she could offer the service of five fire elementals to help them, but asked what the party could offer her in return.

Zylfaelor then revealed the gem the party had found earlier, and though she tried, Shahara – The Efreeti could not hide her interest in the gem. The party was able to leverage this to make the deal, and with very careful wording, they successfully obtained the service of five fire elementals, as an annoyed Shahara – The Efreeti sunk back into the lava of the caldera, staring daggers at the party.

Fire elementals en tow , the party headed to Irkang’s base for the final confrontation. Irkang had three separate squads of pirates guarding the base, and the party planned out their assault. Assaulting one squad themselves, splitting the fire elementals up amongst the other two, and Bob (Master of Puppets) climbing a tree near the rear of the base for a better vantage point.

The battle that ensued was hellishly brutal, fire elementals scorching their way through the pirates, while the party cut their way through the squad they attacked. The battle was going in the party’s favor, until Irkang retrieved a decanter of endless water that he happened to have in his base. The spray of water from the decanter began to make short work of the fire elementals, and even though they had successfully defeated the other two squads, they were extinguished.

At this point, Irkang moved forward to assault the party, who had just dispatched the squad they were fighting. However, the wounds he suffered from the fire elementals proved to be too much, and the party made short work of him.

Leaving his base, and his ship, at their disposal.

The Adventure Begins
Session 1

The party was contracted to guard a merchant ship under Cpt. Martyn Myrrin carrying goods from Cormyr to Aglarond during the dangerous post-storm trading rush, which is typically heavily raided by pirates. The ship’s navigator turned out to be a pirate illusionist that misled the ship and took them right into a dangerous shoal in the pirate isles.

The ship struck the shoal and begin the sink. At the same time, pirates on a skiff boarded the sinking vessel to loot what they could and take slaves. The party was able to fight off the pirates, and escape with the crew using the pirates skiff.

Unable to sail the seas on the skiff, the party had no choice but to row to the nearest island, not knowing what awaited them there.

Once on the island, the party took stock of their situation, with Bob (Master of Puppets) ensuring that their base of operations was well camouflaged, and then the rest of them questioning one of the pirates they captured. They learned that the island they were on was controlled by the lord of the pirates that attacked them, a Hobgoblin named Irkang One-Eye, and they “extracted” enough information from the pirate to draw a crude map of the island.

Irkang had a ship in his fort, but there were far too many pirates there for the party to survive a straightforward assault. As such, the party began to explore island in hopes of finding a solution.

The party first came across a group of strange crustacean creatures known as Chuuls guarding a chest in some old ruins. After making short work of these Chuuls (and Ser Paulo Dan composing a ballad to commemorate their buttery goodness), the party opened to chest to find no small amount of gold, as well as a mysterious gem that Zylfaelor recognized as having great value to Efreeti.

Next, the party decided to explore a volcano that was present on the island. But before they could reach it, they were ambushed by a group of patrolling pirates…

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