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The Adventure Begins
Session 1

The party was contracted to guard a merchant ship under Cpt. Martyn Myrrin carrying goods from Cormyr to Aglarond during the dangerous post-storm trading rush, which is typically heavily raided by pirates. The ship’s navigator turned out to be a pirate illusionist that misled the ship and took them right into a dangerous shoal in the pirate isles.

The ship struck the shoal and begin the sink. At the same time, pirates on a skiff boarded the sinking vessel to loot what they could and take slaves. The party was able to fight off the pirates, and escape with the crew using the pirates skiff.

Unable to sail the seas on the skiff, the party had no choice but to row to the nearest island, not knowing what awaited them there.

Once on the island, the party took stock of their situation, with Bob (Master of Puppets) ensuring that their base of operations was well camouflaged, and then the rest of them questioning one of the pirates they captured. They learned that the island they were on was controlled by the lord of the pirates that attacked them, a Hobgoblin named Irkang One-Eye, and they “extracted” enough information from the pirate to draw a crude map of the island.

Irkang had a ship in his fort, but there were far too many pirates there for the party to survive a straightforward assault. As such, the party began to explore island in hopes of finding a solution.

The party first came across a group of strange crustacean creatures known as Chuuls guarding a chest in some old ruins. After making short work of these Chuuls (and Ser Paulo Dan composing a ballad to commemorate their buttery goodness), the party opened to chest to find no small amount of gold, as well as a mysterious gem that Zylfaelor recognized as having great value to Efreeti.

Next, the party decided to explore a volcano that was present on the island. But before they could reach it, they were ambushed by a group of patrolling pirates…

The Pact of Fire
Session 2/3

As we last left off, the party has been ambushed by a group of patrolling pirates. But with a series of devastating Eldritch Blasts from Zylfaelor and divine smites from Ser Paulo Dan, the party emerged victorious and continued on their way to the volcano.

Once at the volcano, the party quickly found an odd ornate door on a ledge leading to a chamber inside of the volcano itself. Disarming the trap on the door, the party made their way into the volcano, to find a bevy of deadly and very hostile fire creatures. Including a fire elemental, a salamander and a fire snake.

A deadly battle then ensued with Ser Paulo Dan being knocked unconscious, and the seemingly modest fire snake giving the party far more trouble than it seemed to be worth. Yet, the party was able to emerge victorious, and the Ballad of the Fire Snake was written.

Before the party even had a chance to catch their breath after the battle, a female Efreeti appeared out of the lava of the caldera. She introduced herself as Shahara – The Efreeti and seemed amused that the party had stumbled into her “summer home” on the island.

She asked the party if they needed her assistance with anything and, with a sinister smile, said she was always happy to make a deal. The party told her of their need to combat Irkang’s pirates and Shahara – The Efreeti told them that she could offer the service of five fire elementals to help them, but asked what the party could offer her in return.

Zylfaelor then revealed the gem the party had found earlier, and though she tried, Shahara – The Efreeti could not hide her interest in the gem. The party was able to leverage this to make the deal, and with very careful wording, they successfully obtained the service of five fire elementals, as an annoyed Shahara – The Efreeti sunk back into the lava of the caldera, staring daggers at the party.

Fire elementals en tow , the party headed to Irkang’s base for the final confrontation. Irkang had three separate squads of pirates guarding the base, and the party planned out their assault. Assaulting one squad themselves, splitting the fire elementals up amongst the other two, and Bob (Master of Puppets) climbing a tree near the rear of the base for a better vantage point.

The battle that ensued was hellishly brutal, fire elementals scorching their way through the pirates, while the party cut their way through the squad they attacked. The battle was going in the party’s favor, until Irkang retrieved a decanter of endless water that he happened to have in his base. The spray of water from the decanter began to make short work of the fire elementals, and even though they had successfully defeated the other two squads, they were extinguished.

At this point, Irkang moved forward to assault the party, who had just dispatched the squad they were fighting. However, the wounds he suffered from the fire elementals proved to be too much, and the party made short work of him.

Leaving his base, and his ship, at their disposal.

The Maiden Voyage
Session 4

After Irkang’s defeat, Bob (Master of Puppets) went off to retrieve Captain Martyn Myrrin and the rest of the ill-fated ship’s crew, while the rest of the party search Irkang’s base, finding a very large amount of gold and even some magical items. After that they took a long rest and waited for Bob (Master of Puppets) with the crew.

Upon Bob (Master of Puppets)‘s return, the party investigated the ship that was docked at Irkang’s base. The ship appeared similar to a Caravel, but the style of it was different than anything the party had seen before. It also appeared to have several modifications from the pirates to make it seaworthy. It was also painted pure black and had black sails, clearly marking it as a pirate vessel.

Inside of the ship, the party found some strange writing in the ship’s hold. It was in the Draconic script, but it was not Draconic in language, and no one in the party could read it. Christening the ship The Kestrel and dismissing this mystery for another time, the party set off on The Kestrel’s maiden voyage.

Once they were on the water, some of the sailors from the original sunken trade ship expressed that they were not cut out for life in the pirate isles, and asked if the party could take them to Aglarond as originally planned. While Captain Martyn Myrrin told the party he was willing to serve as the ship’s Captain so long as he could remain in the sea that he loves.

Knowing that their ship would be attacked on sight by any respectable Navy due to its obvious pirate colors. The party set off for Alphar Island, an island known to Bob (Master of Puppets) as the base of Azla, one of the more noble pirate lords in the Pirate Isles. The party hoped to have their ship refinished and obtain white sails.

On their way to Alphar island however, the party noticed another ship tailing them in the night. A few moments after that, a flaming skull floated to The Kestrel and informed the party that they were now all property of Thay, and they must surrender or die. The party of course did not choose to surrender, and upon expressing their defiance, several Tentacled ghoul-like (Tentaghouls) undead climbed their way onto the ship.

Unphased, the party drew their weapons and assaulted the undead. As the undead advanced, Illamin raised his symbol and holy light burst forth from his form, terrifying the flame skull and some of the other tentaghouls who fled into the sea. The rest of the undead were easily dispatched by the rest of the party.

After defeating the undead, the party decided to pursue to vessel which was tailing them. And while the mysterious vessel tried to flee, it was no match for The Kestrel which sailed close enough to it for the party to shoot the enemy vessel with the Kestrel’s harpoon.

Manning the harpoon gun, and assisted by Zylfaelor, Bob (Master of Puppets) shot a harpoon so true that the party could swear they heard a sickening thunk has it hit home. Harpooned as it was, the enemy vessel could no longer escape and The Kestrel closed to boarding distance.

As the party approached though, they noticed a figure of a man, who appeared to be some kind of mage, impaled by the harpoon onto the ship’s main mast! They also noticed a hostile water elemental on the ship. Without the help of the mage though, the water elemental stood little chance against the party and was quickly slain.

Searching the ship, the party found several slaves manacled in the lower decks. The ship appeared to be a Thayan slaver ship, manned just by a single mage, undead, and summoned creatures. The party decided to take the ship and the slaves to Alphar island with them. Offering the slaves freedom if they wished it, or the opportunity to join the crew of The Kestrel.

Finally, the party’s two ships arrived at Alphar Island. Their ship was soon spotted by one of the dock hands who recognized it as Irkang’s old ship. He told the party that Azla would be interested in seeing them if they did indeed defeat Irkang. The party decided to follow the dock hand and see what Azla had the say.

The party was led to the largest house in the small pirate settlement of Alphar Town, and shown to Azla’s quarters. Azla seemed impressed that the party had defeated Irkang, and asked if they would be willing to help her with a problem. She told them that if they helped her, she would give them access to the only shipwrights on the island, whom she kept under tight control.

The party agreed to hear Azla out. Azla explained to the party that piracy was, first and foremost, a business. And as a business woman, she takes care to ensure that she doesn’t antagonize the navies of the countries surrounding the pirate isles to bring their wrath down upon them.

However, a certain other pirate lord has been committing several atrocities, murdering entire crews, sending the heads of merchants back to their home cities, etc. This pirate lord, Wendall the Pitiless is beginning to bring the attention of the navy of Aglarond down upon the pirate isles.

She asks the party to stop him, using any method they choose. Accepting this task, the party asked Azla where they could learn of Wendall’s whereabouts as well as any other useful information. She winced as she told them of a certain gnome in Alphar Town who knows just about everything there is about the Pirate Isles, she said his name is Flapjaw, he frequents the tavern, and they would know him when they see him.

Arriving at the tavern, the party noticed that there was one table that was completely empty except for one gnome who, despite the fact that he was alone, was steadily talking, telling a myriad of tales to his ale. Approaching the gnome, he looked up at the party and boisterously welcomed them, still talking nonstop, he told the party of many of his great stories, such as when he was dicing and rolled TWO SIXES!!

The party surmised this must be Flapjaw, and after tolerating at least two hours of his stories, they were able to extract some information from him about Wendall. Specifically, that Wendall’s base was on the nearby Bricin Island, and that Flapjaw knew of a hidden sea cave on the island which he believes would ultimately lead right into a well inside of the ruins Wendall was holed up in.

Finally free of Flapjaw, the party went to leave the tavern, but noticed that three shadowy figures had been watching them, and disappeared into the night once they were noticed. Using his excellent tracking skills Bob (Master of Puppets) was able to track down shadowy figures to a campsite in the forest, the figures spotted the party, and immediately attacked.

The battle proved difficult as whoever these men were, they were skilled assassins and one of them was an archer that could lay down volleys of arrows in a split second. Some of the party fell unconscious, but thanks to Doren launching into a surge of action and downing some of the assassins with a flurry of sword strikes, the party prevailed. Slaying two of the assassins, and capturing the archer.

Questioning the archer, he revealed that he was a mercenary in the service of Pitiless Wendall, and he seemed to not have much loyalty to Wendall. The party decided to take him as a captive as they headed for their ship and then to Bricin Island….

Pitiless Wendall
Session 5

The party set off in The Kestrel towards Bricin Island and Wendall’s base. On the way there, they noticed the archer they captured previously doing something suspicious. Upon investigating, they found he was attempting the send a message via a bird he had somehow concealed! Zylfaelor rushed to stop him, firing an Eldritch blast straight through the archer. But by the time the archer fell, the bird was off.

Undaunted, the party continued to the sea cave that Flapjaw told them about. They reached it with no further interruptions, and sailed into the cave on their lifeboat.

The party quickly noticed that the cave was not uninhabited. Discarded bones, and other signs of some bestial life in the cave abounded. Bob (Master of Puppets) stealthily snuck forward and spotted several large fish-like humanoids in the next chamber of the cave, he identified them as Kuo-Toa and Sahuagin, both very hostile. The party resolved that the only way forward was to fight, and they planned out their tactics for the battle.

Luring the creatures in the narrow passageway between the two chambers of the cave, the party was able to easily dispatch the fish creatures, Ser Paulo Dan downing several with holy smites from his sword. The party then began to venture deeper into the cave.

After a fairly long walk, the party once again noticed signs of life, deep in the cave. Two demonic hyena-like humanoids gnawed on bones near a pool of water at what appeared to be the end of the cave. The party caught them by surprise, and though they wielded putrid magics, the party was able to defeat them, but the party now appeared to be at the end of the cave with only a pool of water there.

The party considered for a while and then eventually decided to swim into the pool of water. What they found was that the pool went under what appeared to be the cave’s wall, and then emerged into another pool, with a bucket tied to a rope that proceeded up a long shaft. Surmising this was the well, the party carefully climbed up the shaft to find themselves in what appeared to be a store room.

Blessedly, no one was in the store room, so the party stealthily left the storeroom and continued down a hall in the ruins undetected. The hall led to an open door, which the party found to be Wendall’s bedroom containing a strange arcane magic circle and Wendall himself who was currently very actively engaged in reading a book at his desk.

Using the element of surprise, Ser Paulo Dan stepped through the mist right next to Wendall and grappled him. Ser Paulo Dan demanded Wendall surrender, but Wendall only smiled, took a knife from his belt, cut his own hand and threw the blood onto the magic circle.

Demons of shadow began to emerge and assaulted the party. Wendall and his demons proved to be dangerous opponents, inflicting massive damage upon the party. But thanks to Illamin’s healing, and Ser Paulo Dan terrifying one of the dark creatures with his holy power, the party survived the fight and defeated Wendall.

However, even though Wendall had been defeated, the ruins were still full of pirates, and one of the shadow demons had fled, surely causing a stir. Some of the party decided to stay in Wendall’s room searching for clues and trying to dispel whatever evil magic existed in the arcane circle, while the rest of the party rushed to the store room where the well was to try to barricade the door.

Within just a few moments, pirates began trying to entire the room, but Ser Paulo Dan and Doren had barricaded it with barrels from the store room, as well as bracing it with their own strength. Meanwhile, Zylfaelor and Illamin worked furiously to dispel the demonic magic circle in Wendall’s room and find any clues as to what he had been about, while Bob (Master of Puppets) began to start a fire in the store room designed to give them a smoke screen for their escape down the well.

Just as Zylfaelor and Illamin managed to dispel the magic circle, the pirates burst through the door, and the party began to flee down the well from whence they came. Thanks to the smokescreen from the fire, the pirates had no idea where they went, and the party escaped back into the sea cave.

Once the party had walked a safe distance away from the well’s entry point, they looked over what they found in Wendall’s base. Of particular note was a piece of paper that read:

Sew chaos, show no mercy to your prey, bring down the Navy of Aglarond upon the Pirate Isles and this power shall be yours.

At the bottom of this paper was a wax seal in the form of a wilted rose with a skull on top of it. Doren recognized the artistic styling of this seal as Thayan, though he wasn’t exactly sure what it meant.

Exhausted, the party decided to rest for the night in the sea cave, and then head back to the ship after they woke. However, when they finally reached the mouth of the sea cave, the ship was gone!

A Long Journey Completed
Session 6

As we last left off, the party had reached the mouth of the sea cave, but The Kestrel was nowhere in sight! Upon searching the area however, the party did notice an arrow on the floor of the cave with a note tied to it. The note read:

_We were discovered, we are fleeing to the east. We hope to shake our pursuer and return for you.

Captain Martyn Myrrin_

Not wanting to sit on their laurels, the party decided to take the lifeboat out and scout to the east. With just a bit of searching, they found two ships, one that appeared to be The Kestrel docked on a pier not too far from the sea cave. The party decided that it would be best to wait until nightfall and then slowly row to The Kestrel and perhaps steal it back, avoiding detection. They prayed that their crew was still on board.

As planned, the party silently approached and boarded The Kestrel, but found it to be moored to the pier by several ropes, as well as a few enemy pirates on the deck of the ship. Trying to end the pirates and free the ship quickly, the party took the enemy pirates by surprise. But before they could dispose of them all, one of them blew a horn, sounding the alarm.

At this point, pirates began to swarm the pier from the shore. The party frantically fought pirates as they boarded the ship, and tried to cut the moorings tying it to the pier. The fight was terrible, pirates came from all angles, some of them laying down volleys of arrows upon the party. Illamin worked furiously to keep the party alive with his healing, and the rest of the party desperately fought the seemingly endless onslaught of pirates. Both Ser Paulo Dan and Bob (Master of Puppets) fell during the battle, and when all hope seemed lost, Doren sliced through the last mooring, Zylfaelor raised the anchor, and the ship began to sail away, no longer being tied down. The few enemy pirates remaining on the ship, being cut off from their comrades now, laid down their arms and surrendered.

The battle was won, but not without a heavy cost. Ser Paulo Dan lay unconscious, but breathing. Bob (Master of Puppets) however, was still, his heart stopped, his life gone. Illamin rushed to Bob’s side and calling upon all the holy power he could muster, he forced his dead companion’s soul back into his body.

Battered, bruised, but victorious, the party returned to Alphar Island to see Azla and inform her of what happened.

Back in Alphar Island, the party met with Azla and told her the tale. She was overjoyed and impressed with the party’s performance. Granting them free access to her shipwright to refinish their ship and hang white sails, as well as giving them a pennant to hang from their mast signifying that they were under her protection.

The party rested and recovered in Alphar island and then headed out with both ships in the morning, destination the city of Velprintalar, capital of Aglarond. The sea journey was blessedly uneventful. Some pirate ships approaching The Kestrel, but then turning away when they could spot Azla’s pennant flying from their mast.

As the party approached Velprintalar, they noticed a massive statue of the Goddess Tymora dominating the city’s skyline. It appeared to be made of gold, and seemed to still have scaffolding around it, perhaps not completed yet, the party could not help but be stunned by its grandeur.

Arriving at Velprintalar harbor though, gave a far different impression. The streets reeked of abject poverty. Nearly skeletal peasants lay huddled against buildings, and the party even witnessed a man steal a piece of bread from a child. Acting quickly, Ser Paulo Dan stopped the man and asked him why he would do such a thing. The man retorted why should that boy get to eat while my boy starves?

Struck by the tragedy of the situation, Ser Paulo Dan gave the man some of his own food and gold and released him. He then went back to the child who had been robbed, and did the same for him. The party then asked the would-be bread robber how things had gotten so bad in the city.

He told them that the wealthier merchants would always donate gold to the church of Tymora. The church would then come and give food to the poor. But that all stopped once the huge statue began being built. Not only that, the church brought in labor from the outside to build the statue, putting several of the peasants out of a job.

Infuriated and curious to find out what kind of madness has possessed the church, the party ventured further into the town. Their search did not take long however, as a priest of Tymora soon stopped them and told them that Bishop Stram Wenkoff wished to talk with them about the donations they gave to the poor. The party readily accepted the invitation, and the priest led them to an ostentatious cathedral.

Before letting them in though, the priest insisted that the party all swear an oath that they will do no violence while in the cathedral walls. The party however, was able to convince that they should not have to swear the oath, as they had among them a holy paladin and a man of the cloth, that should be enough for the priest to trust them.

Admitted to the cathedral, the party proceeded to the bishop’s office. Upon entering the office, the party immediately noticed the uncharacteristically ornate nature of the room. Beautiful paintings adorned the walls, and cherubic statues of gold and platinum flanked the pathway to the bishop’s Desk.

The bishop heartily welcomed the party and informed them that they should not donate any gold to the poor. Even though it may seem cruel now, the bishop is convinced that his great plan to invest all the donations into the statue of Tymora will bring Tymora’s light to the city, freeing it of poverty for eternity.

Despite the bishop’s apparent sincerity, Ser Paulo Dan, as a devout Paladin of Tymora could feel the lie in his words. He, and the party verbally rebuked the bishop for the abuse of his position. The bishop initially tried to convince the party that he had no nefarious intent, but when it became clear they weren’t accepting his story, he turned to violence.

The room suddenly took on a dark pallor, and demonic entities became to pour into the room from a newly opened portal. The party began to battle, Illamin, summoning a burst of daylight which banished the darkness, as one of the demons ambled over to a church organ in the room and began to play a dark melody. The demons seemed empowered by this melody, so the party began to focus their efforts on the demonic organist.

Zylfaelor blasted several holes into the organist, who fell motionless, while Ser Paulo Dan stepped through the mists to the bishop and cut him down with a thunderous smite, crackling with divine energy. Demons were still poring into the room though, so Doren ran over to the organ in hopes of finding some way of stopping them.

Doren found two sheets of music by the organ, written in infernal. One labeled “Summon” and one labeled “Banish.” Doren hurriedly played the music labeled “Banish,” which rung out in a pure melody. As the power of the song hit the room, the demons material forms began to unravel, and the portal slammed shut. The dark energy of the room dispelled, and the bishop slain, the party easily dispatched the remaining demons.

As the party caught their breath after the battle, they noticed a note tucked into a book in the bishop’s desk. It read:

Give the poor nothing and prevent others from assisting them. Sew disorder in the city.
Pour all of your donations into building the monument exactly to our specifications. Do this, and my power will be yours.

The note had the same wilted rose with a skull on top wax seal as the note found in Wendall’s room.

Just then though, the priest who had let the party in initially walked into the office, alarmed by the noise. Seeing the gruesome scene, the party’s blades covered with blood, demonic corpses littering the floor, the bishop slain. He simply looked at the party in shock and spoke in a hushed voice, “What have you done?”

The Corruption of the Monument
Session 7

A shocked priest stares into the slain bishop’s office, the party tries to explain what happened, but before they can, another priest storms into the Bishop’s office flanked by several guards shouting “Murder! Arrest them!” The aggressive priest introduces himself as Brother Zor and demands that the party be arrested for the murder of the Bishop.

It looked like the party may be imprisoned at this point, falsely accused of murdering the bishop. But thanks to some persuasive dialog from Zylfaelor and Ser Paulo Dan, the guards decided it better to figure out more of what is going on before just arresting the party. All this talk of demons is too unsettling to just treat this as a normal murder.

As Brother Zor remains in the church sneering, the guards escort the party to the council chamber of Velprintalar where the party meets Kithe Dunzen, a Lord of Velprintalar and its master of shadows. The party explains the scenario to Kithe Dunzen who confides that his organization has been watching the bishop for some time, and suspected he may be involved in some kind of nefarious plot.

After reading the note from Bishop’s office, the party is concerned that the massive monument of Tymora is somehow involved in whatever the Bishop was about, they confide this to Kithe Dunzen and he urges that they go to this monument post haste. After a brief walk into the Merchant’s district of the city, the party approaches the monument.

The monument is guarded by mercenaries that are not in the employ of the city itself. Their captain refuses to let the party close to the monument. But as this conversation is going on, Ser Paulo Dan notices that the other mercenary guards seem to be behaving strangely. Using his divine senses, he discovers that they are actually undead under an illusion.

The party then leaps to get the jump on the undead guards before they have a chance to prepare, Illamin bursting forth with holy light that causes most of the undead to flee in fear. The party easily dispatches of the mercenary guard captain and the remaining undead, but some of the undead escaped and screams can be heard in the distance.
Kithe Dunzen urges the party to uncover what is hidden in the monument as he races off to protect the city from the undead.

After some investigation, the party finds an illusory wall on the outer edge of the monument’s base, that leads to a door. Opening the door, they find a room that has some kind of security measure where the “symbol of our lord” must be presented before the inner door will open. The party presents a wilted rose and a skull, then the lock on the door clicks, admitting the party.

In the next room, the party sees Brother Zor from the church! He is standing over what appears to be an illusory scale model of the city, taking measurements to ensure that a massive gem at the top of the Tymora monument is directed perfectly at the docks of Velprintalar.

Not wanting to give us this opportunity to take him by surprise, the party charge into battle, cutting down the hapless wizard Zor before he can escape. With Zor dead though, the party is left in a room with five doors and no idea how to proceed. As they contemplate their next step a strange gnomish looking entity appears in the center of the room.

He introduces himself as Enimorn the Superfluous(!) and says he was bound to this monument, but the binding is weakening. He offers to tell the party what the purpose of the monument is, and how to manipulate it, if they can solve his riddles.

Most of his riddles are ridiculously easy, though one was mildly challenging. The party solved them with ease. Enimorn then tells the party that the monument is actual a massive piece of magical artillery, built here to destroy the Aglarondi navy in preparation for a Thayan naval invasion.

He says that the monument can be controlled using magical devices in the control room, which in through one of the doors in the room the party currently stands. However, the door is locked, and to unlock it, the party needs to grab an elemental crystal from each of the other four rooms bordering the central chamber and place it in the appropriate container.

The party then proceeds to tackle the four elemental rooms. Air and water were easily surmounted, Ser Paulo Dan deftly walking across platforms in a sea of infinite sky to grab the air crystal and Bob (Master of Puppets) swimming against a monstrous current to grab the water crystal.

Earth was slightly more hazardous as Bob (Master of Puppets) entered the earth room, not seeing any enemies, but was ambushed by several Bullette’s. With the party’s help, he was able to pry the earth crystal free, and escape before the Bullette’s murdered him though.

Finally, the party entered the fire chamber, which was searing hot and contained several hostile creatures of fire. Right when the party was about to take the crystal however, a familiar face appeared out of thin air in the room, Shahara – The Efreeti.

Shahara – The Efreeti was angry that the party got away unscathed from the first deal she made with them. And eager to make a more…costly deal for the fire crystal. As she was conversing with the party though, she suddenly looked at Illamin, interest in her eyes. She called him “Heaven Touched” and said his soul would fetch a fine price in the city of brass.

She said that the terms of their deal had changed, and demanded the party surrender Illamin, or she would incinerate them all. After the party refused to do this, she took out a magic crystal from her clothing and aimed it at Illamin. Illamin could feel his soul being ripped from his body, but right when it seemed his soul would tear free from its mortal coil, a blinding light erupted from him, stunning everyone in the room, including the Efreeti witch.

Shahara – The Efreeti looked up at Illamin from the ground, fear now in her eyes and uttered the words “What are you?” in a shaky voice before shifting away. With the Efreeti gone, the party was able to retrieve the fire crystal and escape from the fire room without too much trouble.

All the crystals gathered, the party placed them in their respective receptacles, and the door to the control room clicked open. Rushing into the control room, the party saw several elementals set up to guard the room. The party drew their weapons and entered the fray once again.

As the party battled the elementals, Doren noticed a book on a desk inside the room. The book contained instructions on how to “unbind” the elementals. Using his arcane knowledge Doren was able to deal massive damage to the elementals, killing some.

The stalwart earth elemental however, could not be so easily unbound. And it struck Bob (Master of Puppets) with its massive fist, knocking him unconscious. Bob (Master of Puppets) however, is not so easily subdued. His eyes snapped back to consciousness in just a second’s time, and he sprung up, delivering a perfect blow to the earth elemental with his scimitar and separated the rocks binding it together. The earth elemental fell to rubble at Bob (Master of Puppets)’s feet.\

The elementals vanquished, the party began to examine the control devices in the room using Enimorn’s instructions. They noticed that they were able to move the scale model to other places, to target the statue farther out. And experimenting with this, they were able to locate the Thayan fleet that was set to invade the city.

The party aimed the statue at this Thayan fleet, instead of the Aglarondi fleet. Once they were sure of their aim, they triggered the statue to fire. A deafening boom and earthshattering vibrations spread through the statue as it discharged its energy. The whole structure began to crumble, and the party barely escaped before the ceiling came down on their heads.

Outside of the monument, the party found a concerned Kithe Dunzen. They quickly relayed to him what happened, and he thanked them profusely for their help. Their conversation was short lived however, as a guard ran up to the party shortly after they exited and told them that “The Queen is missing!”

The Discovery
Session 8

The party along with Kithe Dunzen rushed back to the palace. Entering the palace, Kithe Dunzen summoned Lore Master Tybalt to the council chambers to explain what had happened with the queen. Lore Master Tybalt explained that the queen had simply vanished in a flash of light about two hours ago.

He, and the other court mages have been furiously working to discover what happened to her, but have not found anything useful as of yet. He further goes on to tell the party that, even though the immediate danger of a Thayan naval invasion has been removed, the queen’s absence could still spell the eventual doom of the country of Aglarond.

The queen herself is an extremely powerful wizard. And it is this power that ultimately keeps Thay, and their lich king Szass Tam at bay. If the queen is removed from the equation, it will only be a matter of time before the Thayans overwhelm the Aglarondi defenses and conquer the country.

Concerned, Kithe Dunzen asks if there is anything that can be done to stop the Thayans in the event that the queen cannot be found. Lore Master Tybalt responds that two years ago, the lore masters of Aglarond had discovered a ship that seemed to be of Netherese origin. The ship seemed to hold some kind of secret, and the lore masters believed that this secret may hold power that would rival even Szass Tam if uncovered.

Alas, the ship was lost to pirates while it was in transit to Velprintalar. The party, curious, asked Lore Master Tybalt to describe the ship. After hearing his description, the party realized that the ship he described was none other than The Kestrel. The party told the tale of how they recovered The Kestrel, and resolved to meet Lore Master Tybalt on the The Kestrel at first light.

The next morning, Lore Master Tybalt met the party as promised. They descended into the hold of the ship, and showed Lore Master Tybalt the strange text they could not read before.

After studying it for a moment, Lore Master Tybalt read aloud:

And thus doth begin the plummet of heaven.

Upon hearing the words, every member of the party heard a loud ringing in their ears, and felt a pounding headache before the world went black. When light returned to them, they found they were no longer in the ship. They were in what appeared to be a town, but with very strange buildings, unlike anything they had seen before.

Children played in the street, casting spells for amusement, while normal merchants sold all kinds of magical trinkets. After exploring the town for a few minutes, they were met by a man who seemed to know them. He introduced himself as Lord Kelben (Netherese), and with a broad smile told them he was overjoyed to see his friends, and that they could join him to witness the birth of this new city.

Just then though, an ear-piercing crack sounded through the city, and a rift seemed to open in the sky. Strange green worm-like creatures with four legs, and a lamprey like maw poured through the rift. Lord Kelben (Netherese) asked the party to evacuate the town’s inhabitants to the portal stone while he went off the battle the largest of these beings.

The party frantically tried to round up the residents of the town while the worm like creatures shot bolts of lighting and blasts of fire that incinerated any poor soul caught in them. Eventually, the party made their way to the portal stone with several citizens of the town, but found it was guarded by several of the beasts.

The party rushed into assault the creatures, but they all turned out to be rather adept magic users. The ensuing battle was hard fought, the creatures shooting lightning bolts through several members of the party. But the party eventually prevailed and started to usher the townspeople through the portal.

Upon doing this though, the party once again felt that horrible headache, and the world went black. In the darkness, the party saw a vision of a stone tablet in some kind of basement, and heard one word echoing in their heads:


When the party finally awoke, they were back in the ship with a very worried Lore Master Tybalt. They told him what happened, and he suggested they confer with Kithe Dunzen to decide their next moves. So the party headed back to the palace to meet with Kithe Dunzen.

Back in the palace, the party once again relayed their story. Kithe Dunzen said he knew of Veirin. It is a small fishing village not far from Velprintalar. He thought that somehow the party is now entangled in the mystery of the ship, and he asked if they would be willing to follow the lead they have been given.

The party accepted, and prepared to sail to Veirin. The journey to Veirin was not without incident however. The party noticed that a strange yellow orb was floating above them in their ship, which Doren identified as a scrying spell. The orb faded after Zylfaelor used magic to cause an extremely loud and annoying laugh to sound out right next to it.

A short while after this though, undead assaulted the ship, but the party was able to easily fight them off. After this, the party arrived in the town of Veirin.

The Haunting of Veirin
Session 9

Veirin initially seemed to be a very nice, quiet town. The party met with the mistress of the local inn, Hilde, and her husband Rikard who welcomed them to their inn with open arms. The party learned that the basement in their vision may very well be the basement of the local church. Hilde cooked them a wonderful meal, and the party happily talked with her and Rikard before turning in for the night.

Just before dawn though, the party was awoken by a horrific scream. Going downstairs to investigate, the party found a bloody arcane circle on the ground, as well as a human corpse…it was Rikard. Shortly after looking at the body though, shadowy fiends began to pour into the room from the circle. The party was able to make short work of them with Illamin filling the room with daylight that weakened the shadow demons.

The fiends defeated, the party resumed investigating the room. They found a note in Rikard’s pocket indicating that he bought a large quantity of meats from the butcher yesterday, as well a hooped earring on the floor that seemed to be Hilde’s and bloody footprints heading out the door.

Using Bob (Master of Puppets)’s mastery of tracking, the party decided to following the trail of bloody footprints, and eventually wound up at an abandoned house. Entering the house, the party saw a grisly scene, Hilde on the floor, her eyes burned out, body cold. Bloody writing on the wall next to her that read:

Not dead. Not buried. Rikard Knew. Whispers, whispers, whispers, whispers, whisp…

Right upon reading this, the party began to hear whispers sounding through the air, and felt a horrifying feeling in the pit of their gut. Many members of the party were able to shake off the terror, but some of them could not, and for them, the whispers persisted.

Still not knowing exactly where to go, the party decided to go to the church to see if the tablet was in its basement. In the church, the party heard a creaking coming from above the pews, and when they looked up, they saw the body of the priest hanging from the rafters. A note had fallen from his body onto the floor, and the note read:

Feria…I am sorry. I have stolen your life and laid you to rest in a lie. Let this be my penance. May Tymora forgive me.

The party then searched the basement of the church, and it did indeed look exactly like the one from their vision, with one difference. The tablet was not there.

Still trying to piece together what was happening in the town, the party next decided to visit the butcher and investigate the note they found in Rikard’s pocket. The butcher told them that Rikard came to the butcher yesterday, as he does once every month, to buy a cartload of dried meats and give them out to the elderly and poor of the village.

The butcher also said that Rikard always takes detailed notes of who he delivered food to, and he happened to leave his notes here by mistake. He gave the party the notes to return to Rikard. The notes read:

Rikard’s Deliveries – 26th Uktar
Master Veis Tamrim, visiting family no delivery
Mistress Glanwynn Syvlain, met at door – 2 salted pork, 1 spiced ham
Mistress Tivul Manam, met at door – 2 salted pork, 1 jerky
Master Perin Danzel, met at door – 1 jerky, 2 spiced ham
Mistress Tosca Livi, met at door – 2 jerky, 1 spiced ham, 1 salted pork
Master Gael Tarvain, met at door – 2 spiced ham, 1 jerky

Still confused, the party decided to check the graveyard, based on the bloody writing they found in the abandoned house. Once there, they started to read the headstones. Most of the names they did not recognize, but they did recognize one.

Tivul Manam, buried 21st Uktar. This seemed odd to them as Rikard said he had met Tivul Manam at the door when he delivered food on the 26th of Uktar. Throwing morality to the wind, the party decided to dig up the grave.

The corpse inside seemed to be a much younger woman, with the distinct look of a beggar, that was wearing a locket. The party opened the locket to find a note:

To my dearest Feria, I will love you always.

This was not Tivul Manam’s body. This was the woman that the priest had apologized to in his suicide note. The party then knew that they need to find go to Tivul Manam’s house, and now. Asking around town, the party quickly discovered that Tivul Manam lived about a half mile out of town, and they headed there post-haste.

Upon arriving at her house, Ser Paulo Dan could immediately sense the presence of a powerful fiend. Girding their loins for the battle, the party called upon whatever divine aid they could muster, Illamin dispelling the whispers from the afflicted of the party, and headed into the house. The house itself, seemed empty, but they did find a hatch leading to the cellar.

In the cellar, they found Tivul Manam. She appeared to be an old woman, but he body moved as if controlled by a puppeteer. Tivul Manam’s body looked up at the party and introduced itself as The Whisperer. The demon said it was amused that the party had tracked it down, but it was no matter for it would just make them easier to dispose of.

The battle began. The Whisperer assaulted the minds of the party, trying to dominate them, but thanks to Ser Paulo Dan’s aura of protection, the party was able to resist the domination. Ser Paulo Dan and Zylfaelor burst forward with sword and spell, inflicting great damage on The Whisperer.

Meanwhile, Doren and Bob (Master of Puppets) fought off The Whisperer’s minions which had appeared from hidden places in the basement, while Illamin used his divine power to close the wounds of the party as soon as they opened.

As mighty a fiend as The Whisperer was, it could not triumph against the party, as Ser Paulo Dan‘s sword thrust into the body it inhabited and expelled it with a blast of radiant light. The Whisperer’s form now floating in the air said it would return to the Abyss, but warned that the party had seen nothing of its true power.

Champions Unveiled
Session 10

After finishing a brutal fight against the forces of an entity known as The Whisperer the party took the tablet back to Lore Master Tybalt in order to further review the findings. Before reaching the ship we spoke with the Town's Mayor and explained the events of the previous night. After putting the town's woe's to rest we moved back to our ship and set sail for Velprintalar. During the voyage Lore Master Tybalt deciphered the ruins and we were once again transported back to Netherese times. After a swirl of mist and regaining our senses we were greeted by Lord Kelben (Netherese). This time our party was equipped with 5 legendary items; Claw and Fang, Azuri, Durandal wielded by Ser Paulo Dan, Light of the Seraph, and Rod of Eldritch Power. After becoming acquainted with our new abilities we were told to defend the Mythallar. After a grueling fight with an Undead Beholder, several Phaerimm, and Helmed Horrors the party prevailed. After completing this flashback we were returned to our ship and received word by way of a missive requesting the party return to Velprintalar.


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