Naval Combat Basic Rules

Naval Combat

Naval combat works very similarly to normal combat. Ships are treated as PCs/NPCs and have hit points, AC, initiative, etc. just as a normal character would. There are a few important differences though:

1. The map for naval combat is 30 ft. per square, not 5 ft.

2. Each combat is split into two “phases.” “Ship phase,” where the ship may move and take its actions, and then “Character phase” where the players may act as normal (cast spells, etc.)

3. Ships are treated similarly to characters, but there are a few important exceptions.

  • Ships do not move like a normal character would, they can only turn, and then move forward up to their speed. A ship may turn a certain amount of degrees as described here Ship Turning.
  • On a ship’s turn, it may do three things. Move, as described above, fire any weapons it has that have a target in range and in the weapon’s firing arc (described in Naval Weapons), and in the case of the Kestrel, take a special “crew action,” described in the next bullet.
  • Each crew member of the Kestrel has a special ability that they can perform described in Crew Abilities. The Kestrel can take only one crew action a turn, and each crew ability can only be used once per encounter.
  • A player may opt to give up their turn in the player phase in order to take a special action in the ship phase that will aid the ship. See this page for more info Player Naval Combat Special Actions.

Naval Combat Basic Rules

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