Pre-GenCon Campaign Intro

You’ve spent years of your life risking your skin as a freelance adventurer, assisting petty lords with their struggles, saving villagers’ daughters from the local Orc menace, and purging the city’s sewers of whatever vermin resided there.

But all that is about to change.

At last, you’ve made it. You have just received an invitation to join the prestigious Estrian free company. Home of the legendary hero of Kantar, Roland, and his companions the fabled five. Adventurers in the Estrian company go places. No longer will you be relegated to serving the interests of petty lords in obscurity, it’s finally time for you to make a name for yourself in the world.

Yes…you may have to pay some proverbial dues as a new member. Your acceptance letter indicated that your first assignment is to guard the duke’s daughter as she shops in the city. But surely, once you prove yourself with a few of these…less than legendary assignments, you will be on your way to greatness!

The adventure will begin with all of the party first arriving at the Estrian academy to accept their first assignment. You may or may not know the other party members prior to the adventure, it’s up to you guys.

Pre-GenCon Campaign Intro

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